Broken Does Not Equal Useless

I broke a vase today. It’s a favorite, fairly small, and usually fits securely on my kitchen window sill. I love to see it full of bright zinnias.

Hurrying to wash dishes, I knocked this vase from its “secure” place. As pieces were picked up, I was inspired. The vase may not be pretty, but it’s still useful. It will still contain flowers when I’m ready to pick them. From one side, you don’t even notice imperfections, and usually, I would choose to hide it.

I often fight the imperfections I see in myself as something to be hidden away. I scramble to try to make my life as I wish it to be. I hear the “if only” in my head, sometimes unconsciously. Do you?

If only, I could be more organized, smarter, had more friends, live like a minimalist… you get the picture.

I used to be in a scramble to fix those “if only” statements, adding stress, worry and hurry to my life. Step by step the Lord is teaching me to slow down, and truly accept who I am and “be.”

And as I embrace who I truly am, broken and weak, yet still beautiful and useful to Christ, the more He shines. The more I accept, the more joy. Funny thing is, the more I accept the broken parts, the more useful I become. Broken does not equal useless. This is another mystery. In my own strength, I would pour out myself in full force, where I think I should be poured. I have found myself at fault many times doing just that. But Jesus uses my broken places to spill out his love onto others. He uses the cracks, the places I normally see as undesirable to leak out love in his gentle grace. This is where his glory shines most.

By the way, I think I’ll keep this vase, and display it with the broken portion out as a reminder.

Are you able to see your brokenness as a place where Jesus can shine?
How can you love others in those places of weakness you wouldn’t otherwise consider useful?

Feel free to leave comments! Interactions are helpful for me and others reading. Let’s learn together!

Originally posted to Facebook and Instagram August 23, 2022; Eve Garrison, Penned Treasures

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