A Prayer for the Reader

Our Father in Heaven, Your Name is to be praised, lifted high up, and honored above all,

Let your kingdom come into the depths of our hearts.  Let your will be done in our homes, lives, and bodies on earth as it is in heaven. 

Give each of us our needs. Where there is anxiety, bring peace. Where there is depression, bring hope. Where there is confusion, bring clarity. Where there is sickness, bring healing. Where there is poverty, bring provision. Where the enemy attempts to steal, kill, and destroy, I pray that you would renew and bring life. 

You care for the sparrows, and you care all the more for us.  You know what we need before we even ask.  Lord, may we open our hearts and minds to see your goodness surrounding us. May our minds focus not on what seems lacking but on what is overflowing with life.

Forgive us our wrongs, Lord.  Search our hearts and reveal any offensive way within us that we may admit, surrender to you, and release all our unneeded sorrow. 

It is only fitting to forgive others because you forgave us to the point of bloodshed on the cross. Please lead us to forgive repeatedly. Show us where resentments are buried deep and must be surrendered for whole health and washing of your love. Where there is deep pain from past hurts, shine your light and powerful love that we may let go and heal. 

Reveal to us each day when tempted, and show us the way out as you promised. Deliver us from the schemes of the devil. May each one of us soak in your truth and remain clinging to Christ Jesus so that we may be fruitful and glorify you in all we do. To walk with you in your kingdom is joy, peace, and life. We honor you and thank you for yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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