A Crazy Day

My daughter and I had a crazy afternoon at the hospital today trying to get simple blood work.

It doesn’t really matter what happened. People made mistakes, and we waited for over an hour and a half for something we still didn’t receive. We laughed about it as one incident after another occurred trying to get the end result. The crazier it got, the more we laughed. And of course, I did have to share the long saga with my family.

It could have been different.

In my younger years, I would have complained, got emotional, and let all people involved know exactly how I felt about the situation. I would have blamed them, even though it wasn’t their fault. My heart would have welled up a storm of anger, selfishness and self-pity. We often borrow trouble that doesn’t exist and we make trouble that isn’t necessary. In the past, my anger would have multiplied, producing anger and stress in others.

Today, I am changed.

I was at peace. In fact, I even felt joy, the entire time. We had pleasant conversations with others. We chuckled, smiled and talked about how funny it was. We made connections with others, and others opened up with us about their personal lives.

That’s the difference of Christ working his salvation in us. I hope that joy and peace multiplied in others today.

Each day has enough trouble of its own,” Christ said. (Matthew 6:34)

Yes, today had enough trouble.

However, I am happy to live only in the present,

not dwelling on the past,

not dwelling on my pain,

and not worrying about tomorrow.

-Eve Garrison

Penned Treasures, 2023

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