My name is Eve Garrison. I am an ordinary woman who believes in Christ Jesus and longs to encourage others of faith through exploration of writing. Though I am far from being an expert and have not attended special schooling in Biblical studies, I have personally experienced God’s work in my life and enjoy testifying of his goodness.

I have been a Bible-believing Christian for decades, married since 1992 to my husband. In 1993, I graduated Friends University in Wichita, KS with a Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Art along with a Minor in Religion and Philosophy. I dedicated my career time as a stay-at-home mom, raising and homeschooling our three children, now all adults. Currently, I support my husband’s business from home, bookkeeping. I volunteer in various capacities through our church including leading our Celebrate Recovery small women’s group and Step Study.

I know what it means to be tested in many areas and hope to offer wisdom from what I gained. I have experienced difficulties with chronic health issues, seizures, brain surgery, mental health issues (depression and anxiety,) and special needs with a child. In all this, with Christ, I have overcome much! While I am willing to explore various subjects on this website, I tend to gravitate toward ideas of battling life in light of our Savior Jesus Christ, practicing the basics of Christian living, being authentic with others and enduring the sufferings life hands us along the way.

I have several devotions published with Barclay Press, Fruit of the Vine and continue to be a regular writer. To read some of my past submissions, feel free to visit my archive listed on the social media & links page. Current years are not listed, as I continue to write for them almost yearly.

My favorite pastimes are reading, journaling, studying and meditating on God’s Word, crafting homemade cards, creating church bulletin boards, gardening, canning, bird-watching, photography (with my phone…I know, it’s not the same as a “real” camera…), nature walks, deep conversations with friends or family, family dinners, cooking and baking.

Side note: Bear with me as I learn how to use this website. It’s a learning process! Please feel free to make comments on any of my posts, found on the home page. Commenting helps me know if content is relatable, or helpful. Thank you for reading!