A Gentle Reminder about Mind Renewal

Like the original Eve in the Garden of Eden, we are often blind to the overflowing cup of life before us and around us. And when we get our eyes off all this incredible good, we turn to self-pity, worry, and doubt. Thus, we must choose to renew our thinking.

Satan doesn’t even have to speak to us anymore like he did with Eve because we have surrounded ourselves with messages from a world of others who believe his lies.  We must sort out the messages and choose to let God’s messages overrule others.  We must choose to believe in and look for His goodness even when feelings shout otherwise. 

Here are some practical steps that help me: 

  1. Keep a gratitude list. Count your blessings! I know you hear about this constantly these days. You don’t have to be a Christian to know that being thankful improves the mindset. Write them out, make a game of it with your kids or spouse, or sing them! Look beyond the standard gratitude list. Dig deep!! Can you see the good even in the difficult?
  2. Keep a prayer journal specific to those moments when fear or other negative thoughts grip your mind. Go to God directly and tell him exactly how you feel, even if you don’t know why. Ask Him to show you what’s going on in your heart and cast those anxieties on Him. I have found time and again our Father in Heaven cares about the details! After listing your fears, ask the Lord to remind you of the truth. He will bring up past scriptures you read, reminding you of his promises.
  3. If you aren’t in the habit of reading scriptures daily, start now! Nothing can renew the mind as the Word of God does.
  4. Put on some worship music and go for a walk outdoors. It doesn’t matter how fast you move—move and focus on the positive. Some of us need to slow down rather than speed up.  Look around you at the beauty of nature (even in the weeds!)  
  5. Be willing to lay down your phone for several hours, if possible, or even an entire day. Read a good book instead, declutter a space, dream a little, plan something fun, do something creative, bake something, and be productive. (Many of us use phones and computers for work. Consider laying the phone down for the evening. I recommend the book THE 40-DAY SOCIAL MEDIA FAST by Wendy Speake. It is encouraging and helpful!) 
  6. Be willing to let go of any entertainment that feeds your mind with what doesn’t correlate with God’s best for you. I’m working on this one especially.
  7. Reach out and ask for prayer. This is sometimes difficult because we feel shame for not having it all together. I used to have it in my head that as a leader in ministry, I’m not a good example if I have to ask for prayer over such things. Honestly, it’s a better example to ask others for prayer! We also need to carry one another’s burdens likewise. So, turning to prayer is an excellent example of leadership! Not one person is above another in this desperate need for Christ to work in our lives. 

Maybe I’m not sharing anything new. However, I need the reminders, so I choose to keep working on these areas and lift my head to Christ. What about you?

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