Watering Love

It’s been a strange month.  I’ve experienced situations that triggered past tough life moments through various avenues.  In each of these, I’ve been able to share something positive out of the memories with someone.  While in the most challenging part of our life so far, God answered prayers for a greater purpose.  But even in Read More


I had a good laugh this morning. Half-asleep, I led my daughter’s two dogs outdoors to do their “thing.” I usually don’t concern myself with leashing Mandy, the nine-year-old short-haired mix, even though we don’t have a well-fenced-in yard. She is well-behaved and thoroughly trained as a therapy dog. Biscuit, a purebred golden retriever, is Read More


There’s nothing like being on hold with a business call that causes one to either practice patience or build up irritation. I’m on hold because of a ridiculous mistake I made yesterday, which is unnecessary to mention or dwell on. Today I choose to let the process of waiting produce patience, but I’m not sure Read More