To Young Moms

To all the young moms/ mamas/ mommies out there:

You may think you are failing.

You may think your kids won’t survive.

You may think they won’t be successful.

You may fear so many things.

But mama, every step matters. Every. Single. Step.

Feeding your child.

Giving a cup of water or juice.

Cuddles. Lots of cuddles. Even hugs to those teens, even when they pretend they don’t want them.

Enforcing naps even when they throw those tantrums.

Taking away the phones and TV.

Making them go outside to play.

Enforcing at least quiet time with books even if they don’t sleep.

Teaching them their ABC’s and colors.

Making them behave. Even if they are screaming their head off in the store. Yes. They don’t have to have their way.

Sitting them in time out.

Reading to them, even as teens.

Setting boundaries and curfews.

Having them help you clean up their toys. Then teaching them to do it themselves.

Going for a walk. Exploring nature.

Playing together. Drawing or singing together.

Dancing your heart out to worship music.

Taking them to a friend’s house.

Allowing yourself rest and peace.

Eating nutritionally.

Feeding them only what you have on hand. It’s okay. They will survive.

Homeschooling OR sending them to school.

Telling them again and again you love them, even when they reject it.

Wherever God leads your heart, put it in your mind to do so.

Yes, it’s hard. There are days I found myself fearful of failing, overwhelmed, uncertain, and sure I was destroying their future.

Mama. It’s really okay. They will turn out far better than you ever dreamed.

So rest your heart in God’s greater love for them, greater than your love could ever be. Trust he has it covered.

He really does.

So today, just do the next thing. Wipe those tears from yourself and them.

Pick up yourself and walk on in confidence. March forward, soldier. You can do this, mama warrior.

Every step matters.

Inspired by an old FB post. Even though the post was positive, I didn’t always feel that way inside. So often, I felt like a failure, overwhelmed and fearful of my kid’s futures. Moms/ mamas/ and Mommies, learn from my mistake. Fears only make you miserable, and get you nowhere.

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